This Art Life: Errol Keane II

Detail of 'First Daughter' (2018) by Errol Keane II

Errol Keane II spoke with Filmmaker and Tide Rising Art Project’s team member, Danielle Russell on Friday, August 28, 2020 as a guest on Tide Rising’s “This Art Life” series. 

The discussion centred on Errol’s work, “Daughters of Oshun” which he created during the Blaqmango Summer Residency in 2018. His use of braille as an interactive element in his work was of particular interest. He addressed the tension the braille creates when he encourages his audience to touch the braille, which is placed on an art object that is traditionally not meant to be touched.

First Daughter (2018) by Errol Keane II

Errol also addressed the importance of developing an art practice and the differences between being an illustrator and being a visual artist. He noted that the differences are especially important among persons who are outsiders to the art world. This segment of the discussion drew several comments from the audience members who had suggestions and advice for both Errol and aspiring and emerging visual artists who are seeking to define themselves as visual artists. 

After a lively discussion, Errol left us wanting more after revealing that he is working on a new secret project. To find out more about Tide Rising Art Projects and our featured artists, follow the handle @tiderisingartprojects on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You may also find Errol on Instagram @keane.eyes

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