ART DOC: Esther Chin on Ancestry & Mourning

Esther Chin, 2018

In the latter half of 2020 we are beginning to release a new series of Art Docs with artists we have been speaking with over the past 2 years plus. We have also begun to accompany those Art Docs on our YouTube channel with a live Instagram session with the artists and a member of our team in conversation. This IG Live series was initially titled 'Mini-Art Talks' but we are returning to our 'This Art Life' format to feature guest artists in a live interactive discussion. Follow us on Instagram (@tiderisingartprojects) to catch our live sessions each month and hear more about the Art Docs. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch our videos.

In our latest Art Doc, Esther Chin shares her experience of using her practice as a process of mourning and dealing with grief. She references mourning practices in Chinese and Latin culture. She also speaks about the ways she has found to reconnect to her ancestry. This Art Doc was filmed during the 2018 Blaqmango Summer Residency.

To catch these video documents of Esther and her work visit these links:
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