Artists To Know: Petrona Morrison

JAMAICA 2010, 2010

Petrona Morrison is an accomplished multimedia and installation artist. She has been a practicing artist for over 30 years and between 2006 and 2014 served as the Director of the School of Visual Arts at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica. While her early assemblages and installations often incorporated found and ready-made objects, her artworks of the last decade experiment with digital images and video. Morrison's work addresses both autobiographical and social issues and her recent meditative images specifically considers the role of representation in the way in which we perceive, communicate and survey aspects of self and identity. These images ask us to think about how we come to understand black people's bodies and experience. And, the problematic ways in which science, the media, techniques of governmentality such as identification cards or mugshots- have acted as means of surveillance and distorted knowledge and perception of black bodies.
- Petrina Dacres

The 'Artists To Know' feature began as a part of the Instagram Takeover that we partnered with Residency Unlimited on during the period of protests over public monuments, racial injustice and other calls for political paradigm shifts (June 19th). It is our wish to further showcase a growing list of Caribbean artists that are doing work and have done work that is both critical and timely. Find out more about Petrona Morrisons' work on The National Gallery of Jamaica's website. 

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