Artists To Know: Ludgi Savon



Ludgi Savon is based in Martinique and works across a variety of media. The range extends to photography, performance, embroidery and drawing. Through his work, he seeks to put on a ‘new skin’, a new persona as a hybrid spirit. His work has been described as the exploration of a ‘spooky universe’. If hybrid Afro rituals and cultural beliefs and practices are spooky and threatening, then that may be a reality for some. For others, the work does seem to be a visualization and embodiment of the inner lives as well as the outward traditional expressions of Caribbean peoples. If only at once to explore how our identities are in flux, ever changing and how we are able to be in tune with natural ecologies even while living in a modern reality. Though the work is dependent on the body for its realization, I see Savon asking the question ‘What more am I beyond this body?’
- Oneika Russell

 The 'Artists To Know' feature began as a part of the Instagram Takeover that we partnered with Residency Unlimited on during the period of protests over public monuments, racial injustice and other calls for political paradigm shifts (June 19th). It is our wish to further showcase a growing list of Caribbean artists that are doing work and have done work that is both critical and timely. Find out more about Ludgi Savons' work on Instagram @lulunovas and the artist's website.

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