This Art Life - A New Audio-visual series for IGTV!

Undoubtedly COVID-19 has affected the world in dramatic ways. Our thoughts are with those on the frontlines and families affected. Art communities are also experiencing these effects. Our own art initiative has had many of its major projects affected. We do want to continue to find new ways to support the artists we are working with who have had their plans and creative practices disrupted. Through the desire to continue our work and partner with Kingston Creative on its new Digital Commissions programme to support creatives, we have planned a new format of digital engagements which we invite you all to join us in.

Join us this Saturday at 10AM Eastern for a viewing session of new IGTV content which features Sharon Norwood, Oneika Russell and Petrina Dacres in discussion about art practice and process. Sharon gives us a peek into her studio and what she is working on now, Oneika shares sketches for new work and Petrina helps expand the discussion. Sharon, Oneika and Petrina will be present online during that period (10-11AM) to engage and answer questions in the comments section of the IGTV videos. We look forward to your participation and hope to hear how the art-making or art-engagement experience is for you.

See you on Saturday morning! Our Instagram handle is @tiderisingartprojects

Take care and keep safe.  

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