New Partnerships and Projects in 2020!

Production Photo from our documentary film currently in production

2019 was a year of planning for us as well as figuring out how to go forward with our initiatives' goals. Our team members met during the last half of the year to 'think tank' together. The first major exhibition project unfolds this Summer in New York with a group of Caribbean artists. We will be featuring these artists over the year on our site and social media pages. This is timely as last year more Caribbean residencies opened and others expanded their offerings. More exhibition and curation opportunities and art ventures have also sprung up and we feel that our work is fitting within the middle of all of this new activity. 

Another key feature of 2019 was that we began our first search for investment with the aid of the new JAMPRO Investor Forums for Creative Industries. We also began negotiating new partnerships for our projects. While we are still formalising other partnerships we are happy to announce a partnership with the Rubis InPulse Art Project (with the aid of the Rubis Mécénat on our exhibitions, workshop and upcoming media productions). 

As we continue to build our partnerships, projects and productions as well as seek ways of sustaining this initiative please join our mailing list and social media networks to continue hearing updates and supporting our work.

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