Caribbean Artists Video Series: L ‘Oeil du lézard

Louisa Marajo 

In 2018,  AICA Caraïbe du Sud, launched a series of videos about Caribbean art practitioners titled 'L ‘Oeil du lézard' or  'The Eye of the Lizard' . The video series was initiated by Dominique Brebion and seeks to continue the work that that she does through the AICA and her curatorial work. The series is meant to further continue the international reach of Caribbean art. The videos are offered in English, Spanish and French for these reasons. The series aims to present the practices of contemporary artists from all over the Caribbean through the partnerships already established leading to videos on artists from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Barbados and Guyana.

Valérie John

Tide Rising Art Projects share these goals in common with 'The Eye of the Lizard' and we are therefore pleased to share their work on our platform. The videos so far feature artists such as Valérie John, Bruno Pedurand, Luz Severino, Louisa Marajo, Ewan Atkinson, Jean Marc Hunt, Christian Bertin, Thierry Tian Sio Po, Shirley Rufin, Raymond Medelice, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine and Agnés Brézéphin-Columin.

See these artists videos through our Caribbean Contemporaries playlist 

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