About Season 2 of our art docs series

Nicole Smythe-Johnson with Rubis InPulse Art Project students at The National Gallery of Jamaica

In our first season of art docs we focused on having artists speak about their work as well as the work of other artists. In season 2 we have focused on a perspective on the curation of Caribbean art with highlights from the studio  practices ofJamaican and Trinidadian contemporary artists. 

This season, independent curator and writer, Nicole Smythe-Johnson, spoke with us about the nature of curating, the skills needed and the process of curating an exhibition. She also shared her journey to becoming a curator. Nicole also discusses selected art installations that were a part of the 2017 Jamaica Biennial. The artists whose work is featured in this first section of our 2nd series of videos are: Xayvier Haughton, Deborah Caroll Anzinger, Laura Facey and Andrea Chung.

In part two of our season we speak directly to three young artists who were a part of the 2018 Blaqmango Residency programme: Esther Chin, Kelley-Ann Lindo and Errol Keane II. We also feature artists who joined the NLS Kingston programming as residents or exhibitors: Camille Chedda and Kearra Amaya Gopee . Later in the second part of Season 2 we discussing ideas with Afifa Aza

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Life After Art School Series resumed in 2019

Final year students at The School of Visual Arts, EMC

We continued our 'Life After Art School' series on January 22nd with the current group of final year students at The Edna Manley College. Acting Head of the Art History Department at the College, Dr. Petrina Dacres invited us the Research Methods she co-teaches with Dr Katie Dieter. We discussed options and strategies in an art career after leaving art school including education pathways, residencies, collectives and community and online presence. Deborah Carroll Anzinger of NLS Kingston also joined us to share new funding and research opportunities and how to apply to an art residency like the newly funded NLS Artists Residency.
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