Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Camille Chedda & Leasho Johnson are confirmed presenters!

While plans are underway for our double event on Saturday June 23rd at NLS Kingston we have further exciting news. Independent curator and writer Nicole Smythe-Johnson will be discussing various issues to do with building an art career form a curator's perspective such as artist statements and studio visits. Visual artists Camille Chedda and Leasho Johnson have a breadth of experience amongst themselves on areas such as studio practice, further education, residencies and portfolio presentation.

Camille Chedda
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Camille Chedda is a Jamaica-based visual artist whose practice currently moves between drawing and installation. Her work moves between scrutiny of local popular culture and post-colonial thought. She was the inaugural recipient of the British Coucil's Trans Atlantic Artist's Residency Exchange (TAARE). Chedda has also completed the Art OMI residency in the USA and she holds an MFA from The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. She is also project co-ordinator for The Rubis InPulse Art Project and lecturer at The Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts.

Nicole Smythe-Johnson

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 Nicole Smythe-Johnson has played quite an important role in her work as an independent curator since deciding to go in that direction after being Senior Curator at The National Gallery of Jamaica in 2014. In the period since then she has been the inaugural recipient of the Tilting Axis Curatorial Fellowship. In her recent project, Neither Night Nor Day, is a presentation of the work of Jamaican intuitive artist, John Dunkley through a different lens. The exhibition was curated by Diana Nawi and Smythe-Johnson acted as Assistant Curator. The project is a collaboration between The Perez Art Museum Miami and The National Gallery of Jamaica. Smythe-Johnson is also the editor of the University of the West Indies-based Caribbean Quarterly journal. She is soon to begin her doctoral studies at The University of Texas, Austin.

Leasho Johnson
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Leasho Johnson's work has evolved in different ways over the years since he first began his practice in the mid 2000's. He has sought to use the means of graffiti art, as well as re-appropriating found objects towards the goal of challenging very fixed cultural norms and ideas about sexuality and masculinity. He has been a recipient of the Davidoff/ Residency Unlimited studio residency in New York, The Bluecoat Residency in the UK and Caribbean Linked in Aruba. He has also worked as a designer for over ten years and is soon departing to undertake an MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

We hope to see you there for both Life After Art School from 10am to 11:30am and DAK'ART REPORT from 11:30 to 1 pm.

We are collaborating on a double event with NLS Kingston!

10am - 11:30am

Life After Art School is a casual presentation and discussion of options and strategies for approaching an art career and art practice as a new artist. While this event was created to help provide new art graduates go forward in the art field by providing information all interested persons are welcome. We will be discussing topics such as higher education, building a network, portfolio sharing tools, studio practice, representation etc. Please RSVP for this event on our Facebook event here. 

The 'Life After Art School' presentation began as in 2016 as a one-off event as part of Oneika Russell's contribution to The Edna Manley College's Painting Department art talk series facilitated by Omari Ra (Head of Department)


11:30am - 1pm

Dak'Art Report is a slideshow presentation of observations and highlights of the scope of the 13th Dakar Biennale which opened on May 8th 2018 by Biennale participant, Oneika Russell. It will provide a look at Contemporary African and African diaspora Art as well as a survey of the strategies used by the Bienniale body to activate the city.

Life After Art School - 10am- 11:15am
Q&A - 11:15am - 11:30am

Coffee break - 11:30am- 11:40am

Dak'Art Report (presented by me) - 11:40am- 12:10am
Q&A - 12:10AM- 12:30AM

Mingling - 12:30am- 1pm
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