Project Collaboration: Surface Traces at Yashar Gallery

Jeanne Proust & Sandra Stephens
On December 2017, we had the chance to work on this very exciting exhibition opportunity with conversationXchange's Sandra Stephen's and ART Shape Mammoth. The show opened on December 9th at Yashar Gallery located at The Brooklyn Art Studios, New York and it ran until December 30th, 2017.

Jeanne Proust & Sandra Stephens
Sharon Norwood
The artists included in this exhibition were Sharon Norwood, Oneika Russell and Jeanne Proust & Sandra Stephens as collaborating artists. We want to thank Brooklyn Art Studio's resident artist Stephen Eakins really made the show possible by co-ordinating things on his side.

Oneika Russell
'The exhibition explores the relation of the trace to the surface. A trace can be seen as a residual mark left over in time or an outline that follows a fixed path. It can also be a conceptual tool used to interrogate the other within the self. Each of the artists connect to the ways the trace relates to history, time, memory and the other. Born in the post-colonial Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe, all the artists play with notions of hybridity and unfixed notions of subjectivity to visually push this concept of the trace of the body on the surface and within its environments.'
- press release

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