Imago Mundi's Laura Mascelloni on Being a Curator

Edouard Martial - Haiti

In the first video in our art video series, we spoke with Maria Laura Mascelloni while she was on a trip to Jamaica. She was in the process of collecting artwork for her curatorial work with The Benetton Foundation's Imago Mundi Project. She speaks about the challenges of being a curator and some of the practices that she operates by.

Greg Bailey - Jamaica

The project asks selected artists to contribute a miniature artwork on a set format. The work is then donated back to the project by the artists. The many miniatures then become part fo the collection of the country/ countries catalogued under the individual curator's project.

Imago Mundi Project Catalogue

The resulting collection from Mascelloni's mission to the region features artwork from Jamaica and Haiti. The collection is held in Venice but there is also an online gallery that can be seen here. The collection also yielded a beautifully printed catalogue of images and information about artists titled Islands: Haiti and Jamaica. To purchase the catalogue visit Fabrica store online.

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