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Final year Edna Manley College students visiting a Leasho Johnson exhibition in 2017

Last summer we launched our YouTube channel to feature our art video series. The aim of the series is to document and share the practices of our local and regional contemporary artists. The wish is that slowly as we release the videos in the series that globally educators, students, artists, curators, administrators will have more access to look and learning about the interest and vibrance of the regional and local art communities and practices.

We started the first episodes by basing it on the work in The 2017 Jamaica Biennial and having artists speak about their work and those of others. Alicia Brown shared about her work and the work of Katrina Coombs and Oliver Myrie.  We also spoke to Laura Mascelloni, curator of The Imago Mundi's 'Haiti and Jamaica: Islands' exhibition project. Later videos featured Leasho Johnson's solo show curated by NLS Kingston and held at 10A Gallery. These videos

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